• Bauxite_india has acquired Aluminous Laterite mine in MP (16-07-2018)
  • Downstream Processing

    Refinery Business Case An alumina refinery takes bauxite ore and produces Alumina Al2O3. Alumina is shipped to customer aluminium smelters to be made into aluminium metal.

    Indian Amarkantak Bauxite Ore is suitable for refining due to the following

    • Available alumina to reactive silica ratios.
    • Comparatively lower energy in the refining process compared to other bauxite ore.
    • Located in a politically secure and mature business location.
    • Relatively close to the emerging markets of Australia and China.

    Bauxite-India will undertake a series of studies to develop a best practice alumina refinery proposal utilizing the extensive refinery and smelter.

    The studies will evaluate options for the following:
    • Processing.
    • Refinery location.
    • Water and energy supply.
    • Environmental and social factors.
    • Capital and operations cost estimates.