• Bauxite_india has acquired Aluminous Laterite mine in MP (16-07-2018)
  • Beneficiation

    Bauxite-India has initiated research into the possibility of beneficiation for the Amarkantak Range Premium bauxite ore. Beneficiation has two main advantages:

    • Ore grade quality is improved by removing non-ore materials.
    • Improved levels of extractable alumina reduces quantity of ore transported and therefore decreases freight costs.

    BAUXITE-INDIA Technical Marketing & Quality Control:

    BAUXITE-INDIA:- has commenced beneficiation studies. There are a number of possibilities to improve the grade of bauxite and the methods currently under investigation include

    Dry screening:- The size distribution/ grade relationship provides opportunities to select the optimum grade fraction.

    Magnetic separation:- some of the patches in Amarkantak Range bauxite have a magnetic component derived from the presence of Maghemite. Maghemite is thought to have formed over time by the heating effects of bushfires on the iron-bearing minerals. Davis tube and magnetic separation studies have commenced.

    Flotation:- Flotation studies with the aim of reducing the Silica content will commence shortly. Underpinning the beneficiation studies is an innovative technology to fine grind the bauxite at low cost, which has been trialled on a small scale. Further larger scale studies are in the planning stage.