• Bauxite_india has acquired Aluminous Laterite mine in MP (16-07-2018)
  • Business Strategy

    The main end users of aluminium are the transportation, power, packaging, consumer durables and construction sectors. The usage pattern for aluminium in the sectors mentioned is different in India as compared with the rest of the world. While globally, the transportation and construction sectors are the major consumers of aluminium, in India, the bulk of the demand is accounted for by the power sector, followed by transportation. .

    Thus Bauxite-India has three goals :

    • To develop bauxite for indigenous demand.
    • To develop Bauxite for Export.
    • To develop an alumina refinery in north India.

    This business strategy focuses on:

    Indigenous demand (IND):
    To develop high quality bauxite for growing indigenous demand as there is a large gap in demand & supply in India. Many Bauxite mines are being shut-down due to environment restrictions.

    Direct Shipping Ore (DSO):
    Develop high quality Bauxite India for export to overseas customers.

    Alumina Refining/ Beneficiation:
    To carry out a feasibility study into the potential construction and operation of an alumina refinery or beneficiation of Bauxite ore.

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